Monday, April 4, 2011

Congratulations to Mac Students and Faculty

Congratulations to Classics faculty member Dr. Daniel McLean, who received the McMaster Student Union's Faculty Teaching Award in Humanities 2010-2011.

Two Mac Classics undergraduates were also recognized with research awards:

Ms. Kaitlyn Moniz (Classics '12) was awarded the Togo Salmon Travel Fellowship for Summer 2011. She intends to use the fellowship to travel to Athens, Delphi and Olympia to study Greek architectural sculpture.

Mr. Owen Philips (Classics '13) received an Undergraduate Student Research Award for Summer 2011. Working under the direction of Prof. Martin Beckmann, his research project is an archaeological and architectural study focusing on the design and function of porticos in gymnasia in Roman Asia Minor. He will use the opportunity provided by the USRA to conduct original research that will complement his archaeological fieldwork at Nysa on the Meander River in Turkey.

Classics students were prominent in the Humanities Essay Competition for Term I 2010/2011:

Ms. Katarina Benusova (Art and Art History '12, Classics minor) was awarded First place for Level III with her paper, "Women in Aphrodisian Sculpture" written for Dr. Ian Lockey's Classics 3B03:Topics in Classical Archaeology: the Archaeology of Aphrodisias.

Level I was swept by students in Dr. McLean's Classics 1B03: Introduction to Ancient Myth and Literature. First prize was awarded to Ms. Megan Thornton for "What to Expect from a Homeric Hero" and second to Ms. Callie Diebold, "Interactions between Gods and Heroes in Homer's Iliad."

Congratulations to all!

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