Friday, February 26, 2010

Upcoming Events

The Classics Departmental Speaker Series is pleased to present two upcoming talks:

4 March: Prof. Andrew Faulkner (Dept. Classical Studies, University of Waterloo)
"A Powerful Voice in the Background: Speech in Homeric Hymns"
TSH 701, 4:30 pm

11 March: Prof. Jeffrey Becker (Dept. Classics, McMaster University)
"The Gabii Project, 2007-2010: Preliminary Conclusions and Future Perspectives"
TSH 701, 4:30 pm

Representatives of the Dept. of Classics will also be at the Humanities Majors Fair
Friday, 5 March, 11:30-2:30, Gilmour Hall 111

Friday, February 12, 2010


At the recent Faculty of Humanities' Awards Assembly, Classics students were on display! Classics major Liana Brent was the featured speaker and used the archaeological excavation as a metaphor for the undergrad experience. The list of award winners included:

Katie Ambeault: Graham Ronald Toop scholarship

Liana Brent: Bertram Osmer Hooper Scholarship, University senate scholarship

Debra Coburn: University scholarship

Michael Courtemanche: John H. Trueman scholarship

Giselle Lo: The Latin Prize

Rebecca Rathbone: University senate scholarship

Louise Savocchia: E.T. Salmon scholarship, University senate scholarship, Varey scholarship,

Barbara Scarfo: Beatrice Corrigan Memorial Book Prize

David Tabron: Gladys Ballantyne Parker Prize

Melissa Verhey: Harold & Gertrude Freeman scholarship

David Wallace-Hare: Alexander Gordon McKay scholarship,

Deans' honour list:
Katie Ambeault, Liana Brent, Chih Chen,
Michael Courtemanche, Rachel Forbes, Rebecca Ketelaars, Sabrina Kokosarevic, Angela Kwok, Giselle Lo, Irina Malakhova, Telmo Medeiros, Jeffrey Poort, Rebecca Rathbone, Louise Savocchia, Barbara Scarfo, Tristan Sibley, David Tabron, Melissa Verhey, David Wallace-Hare