Monday, January 31, 2011

Upcoming Events in the Department of Classics

Upcoming events in the dept. of Classics:

Thursday 3 February 2011 – Prof. Margriet Haagsma, (Dept. of Classics and History, University of Alberta CAC Speaker) “The archaeology of daily life: some thoughts on how ‑ and why ‑ to excavate Classical and Hellenistic houses”

TSH 719, Reception at 4:00 pm

Tuesday 8 February 2011 – Prof. Jarrett Welsh (Dept. of Classics, University of Toronto), “The Status of Roman Comedy at the End of the Second Century BCE"

TSH 701, Reception at 4:00 pm

Thursday 3 March 2011 – Prof. Fanny Dolansky (Dept. of Classics, Brock University), The Family Under Fire: A Study of the Rape Narratives in Ovid, Fasti 2”

TSH 701 Reception at 4:00 pm

Tuesday15 March 2011 – Prof. Harriet Flower (Dept. of Classics, Princeton University, E.T. Salmon Visiting Professor) “Political Rhetoric and Local Communication in 133 BC”

Location TBA